Stichting Visitatie
Woningcorporaties Nederland


The visitation system originated from a joint initiative of Aedes, the Association of Supervisors in Housing Associations (VTW), the Dutch Housing Association, the Ministry of Housing, Neighborhoods and Integration (now Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations), and the Association of Dutch Municipalities ( VNG). In 2009 they founded the Stichting Visitatie Woningcorporaties Nederland (SVWN). The task was to develop an external, independent, impartial and authoritative visitation system. The visitation system has since taken on ever-firmer forms.

SVWN, as an independent body, is responsible for the assessment system as a whole and oversees the quality and independent performance of visitations.

SVWN develops and manages the visitation methodology ( Methodology 5.0 ) that provides insight into how corporations perform socially, compared with the tasks in the work area and the financial possibilities. The performance is assessed by the visitation committee of an accredited agency, but tenants, municipalities and other stakeholders can also give their opinion. In addition, the visitation committee assesses the governance: the control, the (internal) supervision and the (external) legitimation of a corporation.

There are currently 5 agencies that  have obtained an accreditation from SVWN to be allowed to carry out visitations. These agencies must comply with the conditions set out in the accreditation regulations and are reviewed annually by an evaluation meeting and every four years by means of an extensive accreditation procedure.

SVWN monitors the correct and uniform application of the methodology. This is done, among other things, by the (random) assessment of visitation reports.

In addition, SVWN organizes master classes twice a year  for the visitators of the accredited agencies.

The foundation publishes all visitation reports on its website and distributes knowledge about visitations through information  meetings for tenants' organizations, participation in meetings for corporations and municipalities and a digital newsletter.